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Health & Safety

VRL is committed to the health and safety of its patrons and staff, which is reflected in the overarching VRL group OHS policy and the supporting systems and processes in place to achieve this. VRL's focus is on being proactive and measuring lead (and lag) indicators to ensure all aspects of the OHS program are operating to the required standard.

VRL has committed to a suite of VRL specific OHS standards that align with ISO and Australian OHS Standards so that a consistent approach to health and safety is applied and achieved throughout VRL’s operations. This is supported by a group of dedicated OHS professionals working across the business ensuring those standards are achieved and maintained.

Employee health is a key aspect of the OHS program and underpins the annual health and wellbeing program which focuses on current and relevant issues. Opportunities are provided to staff to engage in activities which support the physical and mental health of all employees.

In addition, input from employees across the business is fundamental to the continual improvement process with managers, individuals and health and safety representatives being recognised and rewarded for their contribution to improve health and safety at VRL's annual health and safety awards.

Patron safety is a major component of the health and safety program with a significant number of activities and processes implemented ensuring patrons have a safe and enjoyable experience whilst attending VRL's theme parks, Village Cinemas and other VRL events.

Village Roadshow Theme Parks have introduced the Ellis and Associates US standard for water safety across all VRL water parks, exceeding the minimum Australian Standard.

Independent external experts undertake regular audits focussing on key risk areas so that any issues are identified and rectified thus maintaining a high standard throughout all VRL businesses.

Emergency management training is undertaken across VRL businesses working with police, ambulance and the fire services so that all employees and the emergency services are ready should an emergency situation arise.

Village Roadshow Theme Parks also operate fully equipped first aid rooms across all parks which are managed by registered nurses ensuring any first aid issue is addressed promptly.

Each of the VRL businesses manages safety focused on the relevant safety risks of those businesses. As an example, Village Cinemas are continually designing new experiences with safety considerations being a key component at the design stage and during the lifecycle process.  Roadshow Films also incorporate safety reviews into their movie premieres and promotions whilst Village Roadshow Theme Parks has a significant focus on ride and water safety. Safety specific videos have been developed by Village Roadshow Theme Parks to give patrons an insight into their safety inspection program.

Watch the first Theme Parks safety video.

Watch the second Theme Parks safety video.