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Divisional Activity

Here are some of our more recent key divisional activities:

Village Roadshow Theme Parks (VRTP)

VRTP continues to maintain and monitor existing sustainability initiatives at its various theme park attractions and is always looking at new ways to improve.

VRTP’s dams, bores, spear pumps and backwash systems continue to be maintained so they take both significant demand off of the town water system and also ensure what’s put back into the receiving environment has no adverse effects, such as the use of back-wash water in the toilet systems at Wet’n’Wild Gold Coast.

The established recycling program at VRTP continues to be promoted, with greater uptake by employees, guests and film productions in the Village Roadshow Studios complex.

The bushland management at VRTP’s Oxenford site continues to be effective with ongoing planting of appropriate vegetation as needed.

The purchase of energy efficient replacement equipment, which includes LED lights, water pumps and general electrical equipment, is ongoing and just part of the normal processes at VRTP.

Energy consumption reports continue to be reviewed on a regular basis so any issues can be identified and addressed as soon as possible; for example if a particular area sees a steep increase, it may be as a result of pumps not being as efficient as when they are new or light timers not working correctly, thus enabling targeted remediation as appropriate in a timely manner.

VRTP continues to support a number of local community groups and charities.  In addition during the year Sea World Research and Rescue Foundation supported 13 new marine animal research projects, 12 marine debris clean-up projects and 10 schools waste reduction projects.  On top of this Sea World contributed in-kind support through vessels, staff and expertise to local conservation research projects including a dolphin population assessment and dugong health assessment in Moreton Bay.

This year the Sea World Rescue team rescued, rehabilitated and successfully released a lost dugong found in Merimbula Lake on the New South Wales far south coast.  This area is well outside of the normal range for this species, which are rarely seen south of Moreton Bay.

Each winter juvenile New Zealand fur seals (long-nosed fur seals), Arctocephalus forsteri, are found ashore, in poor condition, along the South East Queensland and northern NSW coast.  This has been the busiest seal rescue season on record for the Sea World Rescue team.  After several months recovering at Sea World, four rescued New Zealand Fur Seal pups were released to Montague Island Nature Reserve in southern NSW.  This is the first time seals rehabilitated in Queensland have been released in NSW and was the result of dedicated work between the Sea World Rescue team and the NSW government.  Find out more here

Village Cinemas Australia (VCA)

VCA has undertaken a number of site refurbishments during the year which has enabled the design and incorporation of measures to reduce energy consumption. Existing lighting continues to be replaced with efficient LED lighting, as is emergency exit lighting at all sites when a unit fails. Similarly, when existing toilet areas at a cinema site are refurbished, water efficient, automated options are installed, most recently at Werribee and Bendigo.

Operationally, VCA has introduced automation measures to minimise the hours of house-lighting. With due regard for safety, auditorium lighting and sound equipment is only turned on shortly before the first screening in each respective auditorium, and turned off shortly after the last, resulting in the reduction in the operation of hours of lighting by up to 40% daily.

VCA also continues the upgrading of mechanical components with 'smarter', more energy efficient building management systems. This includes upgrades at the Southland, Fountain Gate, Crown, Century City and Knox cinema sites. These upgrades of heating and air-conditioning equipment and improved automation allows the chillers and boilers to run less often and in 'economy' mode for longer, providing power savings of between 10 to 20%.

VCA's 3D glasses recycling program continues, with reclaimed glasses being cleaned, sterilised and redistributed in order to reduce the number of new glasses being manufactured and transported. Additionally, environmentally friendly cleaning products continue to be utilised at VCA locations.

VCA's participation and support for Earth Hour also continues and will remain active for future years along with long established community and charitable organisations, particularly including the Peter MacCallum Cancer Foundation, RSPCA and Guide Dogs Australia.

Roadshow Distribution

Roadshow Films has transitioned fully from physical film prints to digital delivery of content to Australian and New Zealand cinemas for all new release movies.  A small number of retro / archive film prints however continues to exist on 35mm physical film, these movies having been selected and stored for event screenings and iconic occasions.

With the recent introduction of Roadshow Films’ Media Asset Management system, usage and storage of content on hard drives, tapes and servers has been reduced dramatically.  The system stores all content assets for new release film content and back catalogue assets.  The system will ultimately deliver many business benefits in terms of efficiency through automation of processes and also reduces raw production materials and Roadshow’s carbon footprint by way of reduced transportation and shipping of physical goods.  Content from the system is delivered directly to all digital platforms, subscription services and television networks.

As Roadshow’s physical business continues to evolve, operations are continually reviewed to ensure the maximum use of sustainable resources and any reduction opportunities for non biodegradable materials.  Over the last twelve months an increased volume of physical film content has been transitioned to black amaray packaging.  Black plastic is more energy efficient to produce and is Roadshow’s preferred packaging option, clients permitting.  In conjunction with this, there has been a move away from red-tag compliant packaging meaning more usage of packaging with lower density plastic.

Alongside the continued volume of printed DVD and Blu-ray sleeves, evolution of the category has increased gifting and box-set collections.  There is also an ongoing retail requirement for cardboard display units.  Roadshow is aware that these packaging and display options require an increased volume of print and cardboard and work with preferred suppliers to ensure materials are from sustainable resources.

During the year Roadshow has upgraded the majority of office printers with the ‘follow-me’ printing technology.  All users must manually release printing from a printer on site.  This has substantially saved excess printing; reducing toner / toner cartridges and paper waste.

Roadshow has continued its long history in partnering with the Starlight Children’s Foundation to raise funds through the annual industry wide ‘movie month’ event.  Roadshow also supports the Peter MacCallum Cancer Foundation with internal fundraising initiatives, and is a strong supporter of the Christmas Party for Special Children through sponsorship and volunteering.



All Village Roadshow businesses continue to operate within a responsible environmental and social framework, seeking increased efficiencies and sustainability results.  The integration of environmental sustainability into business operations continues to deliver improvements to the VRL Group’s carbon footprint, together with the implementation of new technology and the cultural shift in employee behaviour playing a large part in delivering these results.

The Company continues to comply and report with National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting ("NGER"), with the annual summaries of such reports uploaded to the Company’s website.

The VRL Group has centralised the management of its utilities in order to realise costs savings.  Given the unique operations of each of the Divisions however, each takes responsibility for their own sustainability measures.

Philanthropy and giving is a valued part of the VRL culture.  The Company continues to support charitable events and causes, with Divisions and Corporate managing a number of staff events to support a range of causes.  The Company also supports a large variety of national and local charities, community groups and causes at the VRL Group level.

Previous Years

For a number of years each division has been managing and responding to environmental and social issues relevant to their operations. Previous years activities can be found below.