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Village Roadshow has a solid history in providing entertainment and digital innovation throughout Australia.  We are a listed organisation diversifying over the years with interest spanning Asia and America.  As a leading entertainment business, Village Roadshow's various brands offer a multitude of career paths, and each business its own unique culture and exciting environment to work in.

We employ over 5,000 employees nationally with our key locations being our Melbourne based Head Office at the Jam Factory in the iconic South Yarra, Sydney and the Gold Coast as well as multiple cinemas sites and more recently expansion into the UK for our Marketing Solutions business. 

We are very proud to say that combined, we have 100's of years of loyalty from all parts of our business and a passionate and inspiring team who drive us to perform at our best.

As a valued member of the Village Roadshow team, we provide support with your professional development and in addition to the broad career paths offered under the Village Roadshow group of companies, eligible staff can receive a number of benefits including cinema passes and candy bar discounts, discount vouchers for Village Roadshow Theme Parks and access to a staff DVD library just to name a few. 

Village Roadshow is a proud supporter of a number of sustainability and community initiatives as well as regular support of our valued charities and associations.